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Romeo Charlie HAM will be the name of the space or colloquium for all the RC members of all the divisions with HAM call sign , to find  in amateur  frequencies and keep contact when the conditions of propagation in the band of 11 meters are closed.

Romeo Charlie HAM  will be inaugurated in the date 2017/01/06 at 18:00 hours (UTC time) and it will develop all Friday’s of the year starting from the 18:00 hours (UTC time)

Romeo Charlie HAM Frequencies

Romeo Charlie HAM designates the following frequencies on different radio amateur bands for RC members with HAM call sign:

Band of 40 meters = 7.097

It will be the main and recommended frequency and corresponds with a band that will allow keep contact with more ease and that will serve also as resource to perform QSY in another band if is considered that would have conditions of propagation, returning to 7.097 where it spread was null. In the so-called case of that the frequency 7.097 was occupied, us move in a range of ± 7 Khz, between 7.090 and 7.104 and it same for the rest of the frequencies of meeting described below.

Band of 80 meters = 3.777
Band of 20 meters = 14.277
Band of 17 meters = 18.157
Band of 15 meters = 21.277
Band of 12 meters = 24.977
Band of 10 meters = 28.777


VERY IMPORTANT: Each RC member should be of use always, to the beginning and at the end of each conversation its HAM call sign  followed of « also + unit RC » (example: imagine a conversation of 30RC999 Xan with 30RC001 Manuel in the frequency 7.097 where Manuel would respond « EA1HQT also 999 of EA2DT also 001…« ). This will be the systematic to follow by each RC Member R, regardless of the division to which belong. Where has some RC Members out of Spain and that not speak Spanish, the language to use would be English using the words « also » and « from » to the beginning and at the end of each conversation. (So for example in a conversation of 14RC001 Stéphane with 30RC001 Manuel, he is would respond « F4BHW also 001 from EA2DT also 001… »).

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