14RC/LNO-120 on air

last sunday (02/07/17) was on air the first SOTA of the IDF region SOTA tour

Unfortunetely propagation was not here, only few stations on the log. But the activation took place in a good radio spirit ! Thanks to our 3 friends 14SD124, 14VC106 & 14RC514

This is real radio spirit 

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SOTA activities


14RC/LNO-IDF 2017 is the first activation of all the 4 SOTA summits of region Ile-de-France (Paris) during the summer 2017, for the first time on 11m. All the summits are valid for the 11M & PMR SOTA contest (4pts)

One special QSL will be printed for the 4 activations, send your log and contribution after the 31st of August 2017.

# Points for 11m SOTA contest

Each summit you work worth 1 hunter point for the SOTA summer contest. If you work every summit of the 14RC/LNO-IDF then it is 4 points. You can read more information here to participate to this contest

# Points for 14RC/LNO-IDF contest

Each activation log will be normalized on a 100 to 1 scale, the first ITL get 100 points and the last get 1 point and you cumulate points on each activation (100 points by activation so a total of 400 points). A diploma will be delivered for free, one for the first RC hunter and one the first non-RC hunter. The QSL is for everyone and your global rank and points will be on the card (normal contribution is asked for the QSL)

round( (100 – 1) * (PROGRESSIVE_NUMBER – 1) / (LOG_SIZE – 1) + 100 )

For example, if you are #10 on a #150 log

round( (100 – 1) * (10 – 1) / (150 – 1) + 100 ) = 94pts

The QSL manager and activator for this activity is Franco 14RC514 francopapakilo@gmail.com

# Activities

Each summit will be active for 2 days (consecutive or not) only. The dates of the activities will be announced at least 1 week before the activation (due to propagation and weather conditions we want to choose the best dates to work a maximum of stations). The different valid activations for the contest are:

14RC/LNO-102 Buttes de Rosne
14RC/LNO-105 Le Chêne Quentin
14RC/LNO-112 Bois de Villiers
14RC/LNO-120 Fort de Cormeilles

Proofs will be published in the week following each activation. Follow « RC DX News » on facebook to get notified.

My DXMan book

« MY DXMAN BOOK » written by DXmen to Dxmen !

the books arrive last week from the printer, the first will be send very soon to all operators who buy it, thanks to all to participate in this project …

Some books are always available, if you are interested please contact the RC HQ

« MY DXMan book » all infos here »

Les livres sont arrivés la semaine dernière de l’imprimeur, les premiers envois se feront très rapidement, merci à tous d’avoir participé à ce projet …

Quelques livres sont encore disponibles, si vous êtes interessés contactez le HQ RC

« My DXman book » toutes les infos ici