RC Marconi day Trophy 2023


The objective of this trophy is to collect the more possible MD stations by contacting the various RC stations on the list around the world.

The trophy will begin on : April 18th and will end on April 25th, 2023

Hunter Station

Each RC/MD contacted will count 1 point – only 1 QSO by RC/MD is valid

An ranking will be online in real time on www.rcqsl.com

Activator Station

1 pt by station in log, each DXCC is multiplier

(Attention : an Activated RC/MD station can also be a hunter station, in this

RC/MD on air (this list is not final and may be updated at any time)

1RC/MD1 by 1RC001
1RC/MD2 by 1RC259
1RC/MD3 by 1RC142
1RC/MD4 by 1RC206
1RC/MD5 by 1RC256
1RC/MD6 by 1RC327
1RC/MD7 by 1RC536

2RC/MD1 by 2RC231
2RC/MD2 by 2RC303
2RC/MD3 by 2RC1624

3RC/MD1 by 3RC019

4RC/MD1 by 4RC117

5RC/MD1 by 5RC123
5RC/MD2 by 5RC121
5RC/MD3 by 5RC124

6RC/MD1 by 6RC666

10RC/MD1 by 10RC001
10RC/MD2 by 10RC100
10RC/MD3 by 10RC112
10RC/MD4 by 10RC156

14RC/MD1 by 14RC001
14RC/MD2 by 14RC162
14RC/MD3 by 14RC315
14RC/MD4 by 14RC555
14RC/MD5 by 14RC035
14RC/MD6 by 14RC126
14RC/MD7 by 14RC123

16RC/MD1 by 16RC125

20RC/MD1 by 20RC100

26RC/MD1 by 26RC777

29RC/MD1 by 29RC103

30RC/MD1 by 30RC379

31RC/MD1 by 31RC688

43RC/MD1 by 43RC001

57RC/MD1 by 57RC108

79RC/MD1 by 79RC001

91RC/MD1 by 91RC191

108RC/MD1 by 108RC151

163RC/MD1 by 163RC101

RC/MD Hunter station price :

1 trophy to the first RC member

1 trophy to the first no RC member

Activated RC/MD station :

1 trophy to 1st RC/MD station activated and will be the 1st in the classification.

QSL card

a eQSL will be available on http://www.rcqsl.com NO PAPER QSL

Marconi Trophy Manager

1RC001 Domenico email 1rc001dom@libero.it

Good Luck to all …