French Regions Trophy 2021

This trophy is open to all operators around the world (RC or no RC)
The objective of this contest is to contact the more possible french regions activated by RC members.

Date : 01/02 to 31/12/2021

Call-sign :

Call-sign will be like : 14RC/2 letters of region + départment number

ex : Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region 14RC/AR+ department number

Hunter Points :

1 point by french 14RC contacted who active a region
Each region contacted is a multifier

Only 1 QSO by station is valid

Activator Points :

1 point by station in the log
Each DXCC in log is a multifier

French Regions list on air

Prices :

– 1 trophy to the 1st RC hunter station.
– 1 trophy to the 1st no RC hunter station.

– 1 trophy to the 1st activator station.
In case of equality, a drawing of lots will be make

Ranking :

The ranking will be make automatically with all logs of the activators operators. We don’t need you to send any log !


A eQSL will be available online to each french region on our website (
A paper QSL will be printed after the end of the trophy, we don’t need you send a QSL to each contact, after the 31/12/21 send a log with all your QSOs.

Award :

eawards will be available to download on our web site ( To obtain the award you need to contact a minimum of 5 regions.

Contest manager :

To any question or information, contest manager 14RC002 Carine email :

Good luck to all …