RC Member of the year 2021

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Who will be the RC Member of the Year 2021?

No vote, no selected member… the member of the year 2021 will be chosen by his various participations in the RC contests and in relation to his ranking in them.

That is, whoever finishes 1st in a contest with 50 participants will get 50 points, the second 49 points, etc… (will be taken into account the following contests: World Contest, Challenges 2021, Contest France, Santa Claus, SM Spain, as well as all
last-minute events such as a RC/75UN trophy).

A member who activates an SES or DX expedition or any other event will win points (10 points per SES or IOTA, IWI, LOTA, SOTA, COTA, MILL, WFF, SWOTA) and 20 points for a New-one DXCC in RC

Also taken into account the number of eQsl registered on the rcqsl.com site (e.g. 50 eQsl recorded will win 50 points)

Also taken into account the participation in Field Day as an activator that will count as well as a RC activation, 10 points for each round of the activated FD and for each operator in case or a xxRC/FD is activated by several members.

The sum of all entries in all the activities mentioned above will determine the final winner !