RC Brazilian States Trophy 2021

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Brazilian States Trophy Rules

This trophy is open to all operators around the world (RC or no RC).
The objective of this contest is to contact the more possible brazilian states activated by RC members.

Date : 01/02 to 31/12/2021

Points :

1 point by brazilian state contacted
10 points to a contact with 3RC/HQ

List of brazilian states and valid stations

Prices :

– 1 trophy to the 1st RC station who will be the first in the ranking.
– 1 trophy to the 1st no RC station who will be the first in the ranking

In case of equality, a drawing of lots will be make

Ranking : 

The ranking will be make automatically with all logs of the activators operators
We don’t need you to send any log !


A paper QSL will be printed after the end of the trophy ( 1 QSL with all states on),
don’t send a QSL to each QSO, send a log to the QSL manager with one normal contribution

Contest manager :

To any questions or information,
contest manager 3RC001 Angel email : 3rc011angel@gmail.com
Send your log to ask the paper QSL to :
Angel Po.Box 314 88330-000 BALNEARIO CAMBORIU / SC BRAZIL

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