The objective of this contest is to collect the more possible football teams in the UEFA EURO 2020 by contacting the various RC stations on the list around the world.

The contest will begin on : June 11 and will end on July 11, 2021

  Each team contacted will count 1 point

List of the teams on air with operators

Group A :

14RC/TUR Turkey by 14RC107 – (log)
1RC/ITA Italy by 1RC001 – (log)
163RC/WAL Wales by 163RC302 – (log)
15RC/CHE Switzerland by 15RC006 – (log)

Group B

13RC/DNK Denmark by 13RC212 – (log)
56RC/FIN Finland by 56RC001 – (log)
16RC/BEL Belgium by 16RC065 – (log)
14RC/RUS Russia by 14RC034 – (log)

Group C

14RC/NLD Netherlands by 14RC766 – (log)
14RC/UKR Ukraine by 14RC278 – (log)
14RC/AUT Austria by 14RC021 – (log)
14RC/MKD North Macedonia by 14RC124 – (log)

Group D

26RC/ENG England by 26RC013 – (log)
328RC/HRV Croatia by 328RC002 – (log)
329RC/CZE Czech Republic by 329RC106 – (log)
108RC/SCO Scotland by 108RC016 – (log)

Group E

30RC/ESP Spain by 30RC555 – (log)
14RC/SWE Sweden by 14RC026 – (log)
14RC/POL Poland by 14RC001 – (log)
14RC/SVK Slovakia by 14RC415 – (log)

Group F

31RC/POR Portugal by 31RC111 – (log)
14RC/FRA France by 14RC052 – (log)
13RC/GER Germany by 13RC100 – (log)
109RC/HUN Hungary by 109RC105 & 109RC610 – (log)

UEFA EURO team Hunter station :

1 trophy to the first RC member
1 trophy to the first no RC member

Activated UEFA EURO team station

1 trophy to 1st RC station activated a team and will be the 1st in the classification.
1 point to each station in your log and each DXCC will be a multiplier

(Attention : an Activated UEFA EURO team station can also be a UEFA EURO team hunter station)

A special QSL card will be printed for this contest. It will be not necessary to send a QSL card for earch contact, only one log with the normal contribution to the QSL M.

a eQSL and ranking will be available on http://www.rcqsl.com

QSL Manager

14 RC 002 Carine Po.Box 3 18500 FOECY France
or by e-mail : 14rc002@rcdx.org
paypal : rcdx@rcdx.org

Good luck to all …