34th HB Alphabet Trophy

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In order to celebrate our 34th anniversary, we decided to organize an alphabet trophy
This trophy is open to all operators around the world (RC or no-RC)

The purpose of this trophy is to contact all the letters as quickly as possible ! “JOKER” stations will come to help you if you are missing letters. But beware a complete log without JOKER will take precedence over a log with JOKER!

The winner will be the one who has contacted all the letters as soon as possible (In case of a tie it will be taken into account the sum of the positions on each log, the smallest will be the winner)

Contest date : 05/02 (00:00 UTC) to 27/02/2022 (23:59 UTC)

List of RC stations activating a letter (1pt by station contacted) :

  • 14RC/R1 activated by 14RC021
  • 14RC/O1 activated by 14RC107
  • 14RC/M activated by 14RC121
  • 14RC/E1 activated by 14RC123
  • 14RC/O2 activated by 14RC828
  • 14RC/C activated by 14RC026
  • 14RC/H1 activated by 14RC110
  • 14RC/A activated by 14RC140
  • 14RC/R2 activated by 14RC166
  • 14RC/L activated by 14RC250
  • 201RC/I activated by 201RC001
  • 14RC/E2 activated by 14RC415
  • HB
  • 14RC/H2 activated by 14RC120
  • 14RC/B activated by 14RC278
  • JOKER Stations (on air 15/02 to 27/02/22)
  • 14RC/J1 activated by 14RC001
  • 14RC/J2 activated by 14RC195

Stations Activating a letter rules :

1 pt per station on the log
Each DXCC counts as a multiplier
An activating station can also be a hunter

Activating station log: Download

Awards :

A ranking will be online on our site: www.rcqsl.com each time an activating station updates his log, the ranking will be updated.

Trophy for the first RC operator (hunter)
Trophy for the first non-RC operator (hunter)
Trophy for the first activating RC operator

Trophy Manager :

No paper QSL, only eQSL!

eQSL available on our website: www.rcqsl.com and an eCertificate to download

Alphabet HB34 Alphabet trophy manager 14RC002 Carine

email address: 14rc002@rcdx.org