75th anniversary of United Nations Trophy

un75-banner-news - General Assembly of the United Nations

In October 2020, the United Nations is making its 75th anniversary, on this occasion our group will put on the air special event stations with calls : xxRC/75UN
These stations will be active throughout the month of October, depending on the propagation openings, eQSL will be available on our website rcqsl.com as well as a paper QSL with all the call-signs. QSL manager 14RC002 Carine.

Hunter station points :

Try to contact the more possible stations, 1 pt by RC/75UN station

in the event of a tie, a draw will be made

Activator station points :

1 pt by station in log, each DXCC is multiplier

On air at this moment :

  • 1RC/75UN by 1RC143
  • 2RC/75UN by 2RC279
  • 3RC/75UN-A by 3RC010
  • 3RC/75UN-B by 3RC007
  • 5RC/75UN-A by 5RC001
  • 5RC/75UN-B by 5Rc090
  • 5RC/75UN-C by 5RC120
  • 5RC/75UN-D by 5RC113
  • 10RC/75UN by 10RC001
  • 13RC/75UN by 13RC100
  • 14RC/75UN-A by 14RC001
  • 14RC/75UN-B by 14RC034
  • 14RC/75UN-C by 14RC140
  • 14RC/75UN-D by 14RC120
  • 14RC/75UN-E by 14RC022
  • 14RC/75UN-F by 14RC107
  • 14RC/75UN-G by 14RC026
  • 16RC/75UN by 16RC054
  • 22RC/75UN by 22RC102
  • 26RC/75UN by 26RC013
  • 30RC/75UN by 30RC020
  • 61RC/75UN by 61RC110
  • 102RC/75UN by 102RC001
  • xx/26RC/75UN by 26RC006

Date : 11/10 to 31/10/2020

Trophies :

A trophy to the first hunter station (RC or no RC)

A trophy to the first activator station

eQSL available on www.rcqsl.com

Paper QSL to : 14RC002 Carine – Po.Box 3 – 185200 FOECY FRANCE (with normal QSL) send only a log if you contact different stations ! NO QSL to each QSO

Also available an eCertificate if you work a minimum of 5 RC/75UN stations