2016 Best RC member

Thanks to all operators coming on our web site to vote to the best 2016 RC member ! The winner is 14RC026 congrat to him to his good work ! 2nd place to Martin 4RC001 and 3rd place to Angel 3RC011 ! We thank all members working hard to RC Int. DX Group !


RC member of the year

We invite you to vote to the best RC member of the year, please find the poll on the right of the welcome page on our web site

Vote to … make your choice :

3RC011 Angel to all his big work into 3 div. Brazil
4RC001 Martin to all his activities in South America
14RC026 Seb to all activities (COTA, IWI) and his work in back ground
14RC037 Phil & 044 Joel to this nice activity 214RCØ
30RC555 Antonio to all his work in back ground more his HQ help (Directory, RC News, …)
102RC001 Sal to all his activities (in particular USA Tour 2016)