14RC/18-010R St Esprit isl.

IWI tour dept. 18 : 14RC/18-010R St Esprit Isl. (new one on 11M) 1st part
on air 27/06/14 only active fews hours in the end of afternoon

Information island :
Latitude 47° 13′ 00 » N
Longitude 02° 03′ 53 » E

Cher river, Vierzon city

    14RC/18-036R IWI tour

    The french Dept. 18 IWI tour will start Sunday 2014, 22nd june !

    The first island on air will be the Forges Isl. (1) New-one on 11M

    Activated by 14RC026 and 14RC001

    Info about the island :

    Latitude 47° 12′ 47 » N
    Longitude 02° 06′ 17 » E
    dept. 18, Yevre river, Vierzon
    Photos and video will be publish after the activation.

    QSL manager 14RC001

    But please don’t send your QSL after the QSO, some others islands will be on air during this summer and only one QSL will be printed to all islands ! Please wait and send only a log around the end of the year ! Thanks


      New Div. 14 QSL Flag

      Here is the new 14RC div. QSL card, this QSL will be available soon !
      We hope soon in your collection …

      Voici la nouvelle QSL flag RC div. 14, cette QSL sera disponible très bientôt ! Pour les membres intéressés, vous pouvez passer commande, le prix reste le même.