QSL Manager info

If you don’t RX your QSL from : 69RC/PP, 113RC/DX & 347RC101
Please write me in private with all coordination of yours QSO (date, time, RST) and your address, I’ll confirm you, please write to : 14rc001@rcdx.org

Si vous n’avez pas reçu les confirmations de 69RC/PP, 113RC/DX & 347RC101, ecrivez moi à l’adresse suivante : 14rc001@rcdx.org avec vos coordonnées postales ainsi que les coordonnées de votre ou vos QSO (date, heure, RST) merci 73s Stéphane 14RC001

113RC front

347div. front





700RC Activities info

700RC activities news : 700RC/LOTA is now QRT, around 200 stations in the log, thanks to all stations calling the team. Tomorrow will start 702RC0 DXCC activity.
Message from the team : don’t call 2 or 3 times or more, don’t call to make the contact with all call-sign you have (specialy 14 & 30 div.) !!! We lose time ! If the operator return microphone to one station please make stand-by !!! don’t make QRM ! If all statons respect rules more people in the log ! thanks

Please read   http://www.dx-code.org/