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This challenge is open to all oprerators RC or no RC,
it will take place in 3 races, like :
109RC/DR01 August 19th & 20th log online
109RC/DR02 September 02nd & 03rd log online
109RC/DR03 September 30th & October 01st log online

Final ranking

After every race, it will be establishes a ranking, the points will depend of the position in the log, example :

14RC999 is 1st in the log to 109RC/DR01
5th in the log to 109RC/DR02
10th in the log to 109RC/DR03
Total of points is : 01 + 05 + 10 = 16 points

The winner will be the one who will have the smallest total of points, in case of equality, it will be proceeded to a drawing lots.

A trophy will be give to the firs of the ranking

A special QSL will be avalaible via the QSL manager

14RC514 Franco  Po.Box 48   78701 Conflans CEDEX  FRANCE

or via paypal to francopapakilo@gmail.com (Normal contribution)


QSL available soon …


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