1st RC Polish Contest


Version Française                                                                            Polska wersja jezykowa

First RC Polish Contest Rules

This contest is organized by :

Date :

07 – 08 February 2015
(Start 07/02 00h00 UTC to 08/02 23h59 UTC total 48h)


This contest is open to all oprerators (RC or no RC), only single operator station.
To all QSO you must exchange a progressive number (1 prog. number RX / 1 prog. number TX)


Polish station :

All polish stations will give a prog. number with a letter of the voivodeship
(ex : 001-B Lubuskie)

Voivodeship abbreviations are :
B, C, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, O, P, R, S, U, W, Z


Other station :

All others stations will give a simple prog. Number

Polish station :

3 points to a station outside of Europe
1 points to a station in Europe
0 point to a QSO with Poland
All DXCC are a multiplier (except 161 div.)

Other station :

3 points with a polish station (No RC member)
5 points with a RC polish station
All voivodeship are a multiplier


The total QSO points multiplied by the total multipliers
2 Ranking will be make
Polish stations ranking
Others stations ranking


Trophies to the 3 first operator to each ranking


Logs must be send to the contest manager before the :

07 March 2015

Contest Manager : 14RC002 Carine E-mail : 14rc002@rcdx.org

Good luck to all …

A map of Poland with borders of voivodeships (provinces):

B = Lubuskie
C = Lodzkie
D = Dolnoslaskie
F = Pomorskiepolska
G = Slaskie
J = Warminsko-Mazurskie
K = Podkarpackie
L = Lubelskie
M = Malopolskie
O = Podlaskie
P = Kujawsko-Pomorskie
R = Mazowieckie
S = Swietokrzyskie
U = Opolskie
W = Wielkopolskie
Z = Zachodniopomorskie