3RC/RO Olympic games

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réglement en français

DATE : 01/08/2016 to 21/08/2016

The rules are very simple, to win, you must be the first station to contact all letters
The first complet log receive by e-mail or by letter will be the winner !

QSL Manager : 14RC002 Carine – Po.Box 3 – 18500 FOECY – FRANCE

e-mail : 14rc002@rcdx.org

A special QSL card will be printed,
if you need it, you can send all by paypal to : rcdx@rcdx.org

Stations list with letter :

3RC/RO-Letter R by 3RC025
3RC/RO-Letter I by 3RC050
3RC/RO-Letter O by 3RC035
3RC/RO-Letter O by 3RC035
3RC/RO-Letter L by 3RC020
3RC/RO-Letter Y by 3RC001
3RC/RO-Letter M by 3RC017
3RC/RO-Letter P by 3RC014
3RC/RO-Letter I by 3RC050
3RC/RO-Letter C by 3RC051
3RC/RO-Letter G by 3RC026
3RC/RO-Letter A by 3RC011
3RC/RO-Letter M by 3RC030
3RC/RO-Letter E by 3RC147 & 148
3RC/RO-Letter S by 3RC209 & 229
14RC/RO Joker by 14RC001

(Joker station will be on air between 11/08 to 21/08/2016)

Attention a log without any joker will take it on a log with jocker !

Good luck to all …

Result :

1 001 AT 259
2 014 RC 021
3 014 RC 026
4 030 RC 245
5 001 RC 170
6 014 RC 169