89 RC Ø

Information about 89 RC Ø from Mark :

to all my fellow freebanders!!!
word has been circulated about 89RC0 being a Maritime Mobile. it is sad that I have to explain myself but circumstances ask for it. In order to clear out this issue, please allow me to explain this. The radio station is on board a construction barge. this is where I work. due to company restrictions and people i live with over here,
i set up my trx on the barge. i dare not risk losing my job or getting beat up because of the noise i make calling CQ, LOL. 
a maritime mobile is a self propelled vessel. it can travel to places unassisted. these are boats, cargo ships, tankers and others which have their own propulsion system. the location of my trx DOES NOT HAVE THESE. also, while 89RC0 is on air, it means i am ON LAND. so to end this debate. NO, NO , NO and NO. 89RC0 is not maritime mobile. 

thank you and good DX’ing to all

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