RC Santa Claus rules 2020


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This contest is open to all operators around the world (RC or no RC)

The goal is to contact all the letters as quickly as possible ! Some “Joker” stations will help you if you are missing letters from the second week of the contest. But beware a complete log without JOKER will be priority over a log with JOKER!

The winner will be the station will collect the more fast possible all letters, in the event of a tie, the stamp of the post office on your letter or the date and time of the email will decide the winner.

Date of the contest : 05/12 (00h00 UTC) to 25/12/2020 (23h59 UTC)

List of the RC Santa Claus stations with letter :

  • RC
  • 26RC/R activated by 26RC013
  • 14RC/C activated by 14RC021
  • DX
  • 172RC/D activated by 172RC681
  • 102RC/X activated by 102RC001
  • 14RC/G activated by 14RC120
  • 16RC/R activated by 16RC054
  • 43RC/O activated by 43RC001
  • 201RC/U activated by 201RC001
  • 1RC/P activatied by 1RC143
  • 30RC/S activated by 30RC379
  • 3RC/A activated by 3RC011
  • 61RC/N activated by 61RC110
  • 34RC/T activated by 34RC213
  • 14RC/A activated by 14RC140
  • 3RC/C activated by 3RC014
  • 14RC/L activated by 14RC123
  • 26RC/A activated by 26RC129
  • 3RC/U activated by 3RC010
  • 14RC/S activated by 14RC001
  • JOKER Stations (on air 12/12 to 25/12/20)
  • 26RC/J1 activated by 26RC006 or xx/26RC006
  • 56RC/J2 activated by 56RC179
  • 14RC/J3 activated by 14RC026
  • 79RC/J4 activated by 79RC001

Activator stations rules :

  • 1 pt by station in the log
  • Each DXCC will count like a multiplier
  • An activator operator can be also a hunter operator

Activator log download

Prices :

A ranking will be online on our website : www.rcqsl.com each time an activator station will update his log.

  • 1 price to the first RC hunter station
  • 1 price to the first no RC hunter station
  • 1 price to the first activator station

QSL Manager :

A paper QSL card will be printing after the contest, if you need it send your log with a normal contribution to the QSL manager by letter or by paypal (rcdx@rcdx.org)

A eQSL will be available on our web site : www.rcqsl.com with also a eCertificate to download.

QSL manager 14RC002 Carine

Po.Box 3 – 18500 Foecy – FRANCE

email address : 14rc002@rcdx.org