RC World Contest 2016 Rules

RC World Contest 2016 Rules

– This contest is opened to all stations (RC or not) with the exchange of one progressive number (1 contact = 1 progressive number given and 1 progressive number received),

– The contact between no RC members are valid.
– The exchange of QSL card is not necessary,
– Only  are authorized a single-operator station,

– It’s forbidden to contact a station with his differents callsign, under penalty of disqualification !!!


The contest will unwind in one part during 2 week-ends, 48h by week-end total 96h like :

        – 1st week-end :   from the 19/11/2016 (00h00 UTC) to 20/11/2016 (23h59 UTC),
        – 2nd week-end : from the 26/11/2016 (00h00 UTC) to 27/11/2016 (23h59 UTC),


The logs must to be returned to the group  before a period of 1 month after the second week-end. If not, you won’t be in the classification. Before the 01/01/2017

 download :    Log World RC Contest 2016

We remember you, if you don’t send your log all stations contacted will lose points
Send your log by e-mail is very easy and will take 5min of your time thanks


We don’t have special contest log, make your log on excel or Yalog thanks 

FREQUENCY    Call frequency :  27.555 Mhz & 27.710 Mhz (USB).

POINTS             They will be of the following manner :

 –   0 Pt :     For a station (RC or not) written on the logs, but who doesn’t return his                      log,
–   5 Pts :   For each station RC or not having returned their logs,
– 10 Pts :   With the Int.headquarter members : 14 RC 002, 14 RC 026, 30 RC 001 & 196 RC 001
– 15 Pts :   With the President (14RC001)
– 20 Pts :   With a RC DX expedition contacted during the contest, but only one                           contact during the 2 week-end.


– Each country and each WAZ Zone will be a multiplier.                 
Attention, the country of transmission isn’t taken into account.

– During the second week-end, it will be possible to contact again a same station contacted the 1st week-end , but in all the cases, it will only give 1 point,

Good Luck …

Contest Manager 14 RC 002 Carine , Po.Box 3 18500 FOECY F.

Or by E-mail to: 14rc002@rcdx.org