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RC/HB30 Trophy results

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, the RC Int. DX Group will organize a special trophy open to all stations around the world (RC or no RC operator).

All RC members are invited to participate in this big event ! All call-signs will be like :

xxxRCxxx/HB30 accept the RCHQ who will use 14RC/HB30 call-sign

Date of the trophy :                   10/02/2018 (00h00 UTC) to 15/04/2018 (23h59 UTC)

Points :                                all xxxRCxxx/HB30 station worked will count 1 point
                                               Only 1 QSO by station is valid during the trophy
                                            – 14RC/HB30 station will count 20 points
                                            – Each DXCC worked will count like a multiplier
                                            – 14RC/HB30 will count like a multiplier like a DXCC

– 1 point by no RC member or RC member who no active like /HB30 in your log
(only to xxxRCxxx/HB30 activator)

RC/HB30 stations on air list

Log :  the logs must be send before the :

15/05/2018 to the Trophy manager 14RC002 Carine

by e-mail to : 14rc002@rcdx.org
or by letter to : Carine  Po.Box 3 – 18500 Foecy – France
If you need the special QSL card printed to this event please send a normal contribution
Possible to send via paypal to : rcdx@rcdx.org

If you don’t use the special log online here,
RC/HB30 Activator LOG Download

RC/HB30 Hunter LOG Download

please make your own log on excel format thanks
Don’t send us a .jpg photo thanks !

Different prices will be give to the first of the ranking to RC and no RC operators
2 diferents rankings will be make : 1 to all xxxRCxxx/HB30 activator stations
                                                  1 to all hunters (RC & no RC stations)

Thanks to our sponsor “MY DXMAN BOOK”

Good luck to all … 73s the RCHQ