RCØØØ Club Station Trophy 2016

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RC ØØØ Club Station trophy 2016 rules

 The « RC ØØØ trophy » is open to all RC or no RC operators.

The intention is to contact the more possible RCØØØ club station during one year activated in RC.

Date : start 01/01/16 (00h00 UTC) to 31/12/16 (23h59 UTC)

The ranking will be like :

Each new RCØØØ station no activated in 2014 & 15 will count :                   10 points
Each reactivated RCØØØ station (activated during 2014 & 15) will count : 05 points
Each DXCC will be a multiplier

Only one contact with RCØØØ station will be valid (only one time in the log)

All activations will count to the « RCØØØ Club Station Trophy » will be publish before to be on air on our web site (htt://www.rcdx.org) and on our facebook page.

To all RCØØØ Club Station, a QSL will be printed with the exception of RC Club Station on 14 division (14RCØØØ / Dxx),only one QSL card will be printed at the end of the year (don’t send a confirmation for every 14RCØØØ / Dxx contacted but send only a log with a normal contribution to the QSL manager.

To be on the final ranking you must be send a log with all RCØØØ Club Station contacted after the end of the trophy before the 15/01/2017.

Trophies :

One trophy to the 1st RC member
One trophy to the 1st no RC station

In case of equality, we will make a drawing lots

QSL Manager 14RC001 Stéphane

Good luck to all …