Stormtrooper Star Wars 1 Challenge

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Stormtrooper Star Wars 1 Challenge

By 26RC006 Terry

Version Française

How to win a 2018 Stormtrooper Star Wars 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin ?

date : 12/12 to 24/12/2017

To win the 2018 Stormtrooper Star Wars 1 oz silver bullion coin you must have a minimum of 15 QSOs with Terry (26RC006). Terry will be in different european countries during these next 12 days.

Div. 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 26, 47, 54, 161, 310, 311

There is the DXCC trip by country order : 14-16-54-13-15-13-161-310-311-310-161-13-19-16-14-26-14-16-19-13-47-21-47-13-19-16-14-26

28 chances to work him !

only valid 1 QSO by day by DXCC

This is set for now if changes happen we will post new dxcc’s as and when ..

Every day, Terry will announce the program of the day, stay tuned !

He will be on 27.540 USB

The winner will be the first station to have 15 QSO with Terry, RC or not RC operator (LIMITED TO ONE COIN ONLY)

Send a log by e-mail to the QSL Manager 26RC119 Michael

Good luck to all …

2018 Stormtrooper Star Wars 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin info

This 2018 1oz Star Wars series silver coin features an officially licensed image of a Stormtrooper with the Imperial seal in the background. The soldier stands with his blaster gun outstretched in one hand and ready to fire. The finish on the Stormtrooper and other design sets is raised and polished, and set against a background that has a matte finish.. The coin’s obverse has an image of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

These 1 oz Star Wars Stormtrooper coins contain one troy ounce of .999 silver and are legal tender on the south-Pacific island of Niue with a face value of $2. Obverse shows a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II,

Legal Niue currency with a face value of $2
Manufacturer: New Zealand Mint
Dimensions: 40.0mm
Weight (grams): 31.10300
Fineness: 999