RC Santa Claus Contest 2017


(réglement en français)


The objective of this contest is to reconstitute the words RC SANTA CLAUS CONTEST by contacting the various RC stations around the world which will give you a letter of the 4 words.

The contest will begin on :

Saturday, December 09th and will end on Monday, December 25th, 2017

JOKER station will be on air the second week, if you miss a letter (on air 16 to 25/12)

Attention only one QSO by JOKER station will be valid ! A complete log receive without any joker stations will be in priority from a complete log with joker stations !


Stations list activated RC word :

14RC/R by 14RC011 Cédric
43RC/C by 43RC207 Steve


Stations list activated SANTA word :

69RC/S by 69RC124 Victor
3RC/A by 3RC011 Angel
13RC/N by 13RC100 Lars
109RC/T by 109RC610 Miki
14RC/A by 14RC581 Olivier


Stations list activated CLAUS word :

161RC/C by 161RC002 Daniel
34RC/L by 34RC213 Paco
4RC/A by 4RC303 Juan Carlos
102RC/U by 102RC001 Sal
22RC/S by 22RC102 Said


Stations list activated CONTEST word :

30RC/C by 30RC379 Angel
13RC/O by 13RC020 Martin
14RC/N by 14RC331 Dominique
56RC/T by 56RC566 Jerri
56RC/E by 56RC011 Mike
49RC/S by 49RC115 Antonio
104RC/T by 104RC106 Eric


Joker stations :

14RC/J1 by 14RC001 Stéphane
14RC/J2 by 14RC026 Sebastien
56RC/J by 56RC101 Jarkko
196RC/J by 196RC001 Harry


Call frequencies : 27.555 & 710 USB.

Letter Hunter station :

– 1 trophy to the 1st RC station which will have completed the words RC SANTA CLAUS CONTEST as fast as possible.

– 1 trophy to the 1st no RC station which will have completed the words RC SANTA CLAUS CONTEST as fast as possible.

Download : RC Santa Claus Contest 2017 Hunter log

Activated Letter station :

– 1 trophy to 1st RC station activated a letter who will be the 1st in the classefication.

– 1 point to each station in your log and each DXCC will be a multiplier

Download : RC Santa Claus Contest 2017 Activator log

In case of equality, we will take the postmark special QSL card will be printed for this contest. It will be not necessary to send a QSL card for earch contact, only on log with the normal contribution to the QSL manager :

QSL Manager

14 RC 002 Carine Po.Box 3 18500 FOECY France

or by e-mail : 14rc002@rcdx.org

paypal : rcdx@rcdx.org

Good luck to all …


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