14RC007 letter

Dear radio friends,

I’m now back from Brunei, where the main purpose of my visit was tourism, not radio.


I decided to show up on 11m, but unfortunately, 1SD227 Giancarlo made a mistake during my activity by contacting some local Brunei ham to ask if I was really in Brunei.


It could had caused me a lot of troubles (fortunately, I met the local ham and i clear the issue myself, but i was not happy at all to face this). I found the attitude of 1SD227 totally irresponsible and disrespectful of my effort to be active from Brunei.


For this reason I had decided to qrt after the first day. Regarding the log, I will not delete any station ( the log is the log, it can not be modified afterwards) but I had told QSL manager that no SD member will get a QSL from my activity unless I receive an apologize email from 1SD227 explaining me why he had to cause me such problems and with a written statement that he will not do this again).


Only if I receive such message from him, i will reconsider my decision regarding the QSL to SD members. I’m sorry for all SD members that made a genuine contact and want the card, but it is maybe the time to review the reasons why you are member of this group or why such troublemaker operators like 1SD227 are still in the same group as you.


This will be my only communication on this subject, and I hope to qso you from other place. Please keep low profile and just be happy when some peoples decide to be active on 11m, and if you are not sure about the validity of the activity, then WFWL, Work First, Worry Later and just wait the operator to be safely back home before investigating or asking questions around.


73 to all Vincent 14RC007



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