3RC/SA079 DXpedition 2017

After 3RC/SA027 Canas Isl. an other new-one island will be on air by our brazilian RC team ! Stay tuned next January 14th & 15th, 2017 !
We hope propagation will be here to IOTA hunters ! 

3RC/SA079 Rasa Isl. QSL M. 14RC001

Also valid to LOTA BRA 047 Rasa Isl. Lighthouse


Rasa Isl. (SA079)

Rasa island is situated in the Rio de Janeiro state coast, at 14 km from Guanabara bay and 9 km from Ponta do Arpoador. It covers an area of about 230 000 m² and a length of 1020 m and a width of 390 m.

The island is wild and surrounded with steep rocks, There is not beatch to land. The vegetation is thinned out and there is no natural sources of drinking water.

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Rasa Isl. Lighthouse (BRA047)
The lighthouse is a cylindrical tower perched on a square tower of three floors with lantern and gallery at 26 meters high. All in white masonry with corners in visible stones.

It emits two white lightning and one red every 50 seconds with a range of 51 nautical miles for white and 45 nautical miles for red color.  It is in conjunction with the Abrolhos Island Lighthouse, the most powerful maritime lighthouse in the world, only being surpassed in scope, by the Tetuan lighthouse (Sania Ranel airport) in Morocco, with 54 nautical miles range.

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