First RC SWOTA on air …

rc-swotaThe first RC SWOTA activation will be on air during our world contest 2016 by our brazilian team 3RC011 Angel and 3RC088 Monica.

The call sign will be 3RC/SW001 location in Santa Catarina state.

The first ship wreck activated will be the ship wreck of Rio Tijucas boat. This boat was use to the transportation of goods between 20 to 60 tonnes. It was from the Joao Bayer fleet of ships from Joao Bayer Tijucas SC Shipyard.

13782295_931239497001791_7208213995533357228_n              13775786_931239337001807_6681362283308971024_n

His wreck was in 1927, in the old city of Camboriu (now Balneario Camboriu Santa Catarina state). He came from Tijucas city and was going to Rio de Janeiro. Qth is : 26°58’24.32″S & 48°37’43.59″O


3RC/SW001 Rio Tijucas boat on air 20 – 26 – 27 & 30/11/2016 QSL M. 3RC011 Angel