GERMAN Mills Tour 2013

Lars (13RC100) will active some german mills between april 2013 to the end of the year, first activation will start after the HB25 activaties.

List of German Mills will be on air more one german COTA :

13RC/MILL 21255 Windmill Artlenburg/Region Lüneburg

13RC/MILL 21256 Windmill Bardowick/Region Lüneburg

13RC/MILL 21258 Watermill Oldendorf/Luhe/Region Lüneburg

13RC/MILL21259 Watermill Wohlenbüttel Region Lüneburg

13RC/MILL21260 Watermill Neetze Region Lüneburg

13RC/MILL29277 Windmill Auguste Region Uelzen

COTA Activation 

13 RC/NSB-099 COTA of Bad Bodenteich Region Uelzen

QSL M. 14 RC 001 Stéphane

Thanks to Lars to this Mills Tour !

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