In truck around the world

The adventure :

Around the world with a fire truck !

A family from Martinica (Bruno & Murielle) will start around the world in september !
Martinica to French Guyana … Brazil via Oiapoque, Macapa, Belem, Sao Luis etc …

They will be on air with the help of 136RC110 and 136RC121 who give them a complete 11M mobile station ! 

This family will come time to time on 27.515 USB to give some news ! (No activation, the radio will be use only to emergency)

You can find more photos and infos on 136RC121 blog :

or on the Bruno & Murielle web site :

or on “Journal du 11M” web site :

The RC Int. DX Group want to thanks 136RC110 Philippe and 136RC121 Stéphane to be sponsor of this event !