New RC web site

HI to all,
It’s with great pleasure that we present you this evening our new RC site which will come to complete our current official site ! We invite you to go to register you on this one at the following address: https: //

Attention this one is only reserved for the members of the group at first, you can bring in your logs there (personnal log and activations) what will generate automatically an on-line downloadable eQSL. You will also find there a “cluster” part also at first reserved for the members of the group because we are still in “test” mode, on the other hand every operator can download his on-line eQSL. Also you will find a “contest” part where you will find the temporary FIFA contest classification as soon as we shall have all the logs the possibility to download your personal FIFA award with your result. We count on you to use this new site a maximum and bring us your reflections, ideas, etc….

Special thank to Antoine 14RC404 who is the designer of this site ! Attached a video to help you on this new RC web site

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