NKCCluster 2.0 is out – Compatible 11M

After a few months and what feels like countless programming hours, NKCCluster 2.0 is finally out. Now NKCCluster is compatible with 11m cluster (again 1/2 bugs) !!

NKCCluster is a radio-amateur DX cluster client (Androïd), compatible with DX Spider, AR-Cluster, DxNet, CC Cluster, and CLX nodes. NKCCluster supports connecting to a user-defined DX cluster node, filtering DX spots per bands of interest, convenient lookup of stations’ details on the Web, sending new DX spots to a selected cluster node and receiving cluster announcements.
In 2.0 it adds new features:
– Country flags
– Stations’ details can now also be looked up on hamqth.com, qrzcq.comqrz11.com
– Unless set otherwise in the “Settings” menu, callbook defaults to hamqth.com
– Azimuth/bearing calculation:
– Accurate (from the respective QTH locators) for hamqth.com users if a remote station exists in hamqth.com database
– All other cases – estimated between the capitals of the respective DX countries
– Configuration Wizard – helps you connect to your DX cluster node in 4 simple steps
– Streamlined user interface, consistent across Android versions and optimised for tablets
– Application preferences optimised for Android > 3.0
– GPS Locator – find your grid directly from your GPS location (for devices with a built-in GPS receiver)
– Convenient GMT clock in the status bar
– Notifications now in a separate screen

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