Peru DXPedition 2015

The first part of the RC project 2015 coming soon now ! Stay tuned !

Thanks to all our sponsors : 

14RS013 14RC026 1ST001 26AT103 10RC555 47DX054 13AT555 2RC128 14DX049 14RC004 13AT398 1AT259 161RC001 30RC220 14RC037 14RC017 161RC002 14RC051 14FDX087 14RC817 49RC115 34RC011 30RC117 30RC231 30RC248 30RC251 30RC555 30RC564 3DA012 30RC003 30RC333 30RC666 30RC998 14DA049 30RC051 21DX014 14AT381 13DX011 1AT746 30AT766 14RC066 14RC001

You will find all infos here :   Peru 2015 Dxpedition


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