RC Awards 2013

Gold RC member 2013 : 14 RC 026 Sébastien 
Thanks to all your activities since many years into the RC group !
Thanks also to transmit from 216 div. during Serval operation by french army !
Thanks also to transmit with your RC call-sign from : 3, 22, 45, 64, 73, 84, 136, 186, 201 and 216 div. 
Congratulation Sebastien !

Silver RC member 2013 : 4RC015 Martin 
Thanks to your 2013 castle tour and your work in 4 RC div.
Congratulation Martin ! 

Bronze RC member 2013 : 69RC124 Victor 
Thanks to your big participation to all RC events during 2013 !
Congratulation Victor

Honor Award : 34RC011 Suso to thanks him to his big work in 34 div. !
Congratulation Suso

Honor Award : 14RC007 Vincent to thanks him to all his new ones in RC this year (58, 225 div. ) and also 250 div. in 2012

We don’t forget also 3RC018 Luiz, 13RC100 Lars, 14RC175 Fred, 30RC537 Antonio, 41RC001 Tony, 49RC115 Antonio, 79RC003 Mark, 79RC102 Jimbo, 136RC121 Stephane, 161RC014 Marcin and all active RC members ! Thanks to all to your work during 2013 year and we hope to satisfy you to 2014 … with some nice DXCC on air 
73s RC HQ



























































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